Seeking the Spotlight

If you went to summer camp with your youth group this summer or went to some sort of conference in the past, you probably came back thinking a few things. Things like, "I am so sunburnt," or "Man I hope that girl texts me tomorrow," or quite possibly, "That worship band was so good!!" Too often, a worship service is left with people primarily thinking about how good the music was, and here lies a big dilemma. Yes, we strive as musicians to make good music that we love and to put together a good performance. In fact, we try to make everything we do the best it can be. But we want the reaction from that good music and performance to be, "God is so good!" not, "that band is so good."  A painter will look out upon a beautiful scene and craft a painting, his appreciation and praise of something he loves. It's the same with us and music. We look out upon scripture and God's complete work through Jesus in our lives and create music reflecting that picture. And because music can be group-oriented or congregational, it is perfect for "corporate worship," which we usually call a worship service. It is a group of believers in the same place, praising God together as one body, led by a person or group qualified to do so. And so when people leave a service only thinking about how great the music was, it might mean that we didn't do a good job of directing attention away from us and towards Christ. That is the end goal of everything we do: the worship of God in Christ, through the Holy Spirit.